Juhana Tikkanen

Successful customer experience management

As the competition stiffens in your industry, you want to do everything you can to ensure that you win over more customers to your company while retaining the ones you already have with you. A key factor in achieving this is the quality of your customer service delivery. You want to try as much as […]

Hotels can stay healthier with technology

The global coronavirus pandemic will likely change aspects of the hospitality business forever. Travelling (especially routine business travel) has always presented challenges to staying healthy – one reason business travelers tend to get sick more often than others. It’s difficult to stay healthy when travelling for a number of reasons that include a tendency to work longer […]

How to manage hotel staff

Having great leadership is always important to build team engagement, but it plays an even bigger role during a crisis. This may sound straightforward, but especially when you are navigating uncertain times, it can feel challenging. To help you show true leadership now, three experts in the hospitality, learning and employee development fields share their […]

Prepare to relaunch your hotel

Pending the opening of borders and therefore of international tourism, the decompartmentalization of regions and the gradual reopening of businesses planned for June 2020 are the two bases on which the operators of accommodation establishments will be able to concentrate their efforts. As a result, managers will have to develop a plan based on domestic […]

Initial signs of travel industry

According to BVA BDRC, nearly 40% of consumers polled plan to book an accommodation, whether a hotel or vacation rental, within the next three months. In addition, providing clear communication on cleanliness measures should be top of mind for accommodation providers. Here are points for accommodation partners to consider: More than 50% of respondents expect […]

The path towards customer-centricity

Customer-centricity – or guest-centricity – should be one of the major concerns of managers in the hospitality industry. In fact, in my experience, when interviewing or engaging with hotels directors on this topic, almost all of them have the perception of being fully guest-centred. This is very interesting as our industry needs really to cater […]

Essential hotel marketing strategies

Running a hotel is a demanding venture that requires you to invest a lot of energy and become a Jack-of-all-trades sort of multitasker that can handle complaints and strike big deals with prominent players in the field of tourism – all within the same day. Of course, you’d need some help to make this happen, […]