Juhana Tikkanen

What is Natural Soap Made of?

Our definition of natural soap is one made of oils, fats and butters that have been mixed with lye.   A completely natural soap should also be coloured naturally as well, to adhere to the definition of a natural soap.  Soap is made through the process of saponification. This is where lye (a mix of either Sodium Hydroxide or Potassium Hydroxide and water) is […]

The True Cost of Your Handmade Soap

You’d never let a random stranger on the internet price your house. How much a meal costs depends on so many factors! And, of course, what your neighbor prices her car for has nothing to do with what your car is worth. We often hear business owners say they can’t afford to do xyz to grow their […]

Benefits Of Using Organic Soap

In our home, we don’t use antibacterial soap in any form and only use our natural and organic based soap. I realize this sounds crazy, but we have researched this and our decision is supported by facts and science. For many, the antibacterial soap that you purchase from the supermarket or pharmacy are too rough […]

Organic Soap Keeps You Healthy, Young and Clean

Soap is amazing stuff. The exact same ingredients can become a bar, liquid, gel, paste or spray—yet all made with the same ingredients. How cool is that? At Vermont Soapworks (kind of a Willie Wonka™ factory for soap) we take oils, which make you greasy and turn them into soap, which makes you clean. This […]

The Benefits of Organic Soap

Organic soap is made from natural ingredients, and in most cases, those ingredients are also organically farmed. The majority of the soap bar is made of what are called base oils. We use some of the same base oils for soapmaking that you can use for cooking. So if it’s safe to eat, it’s probably […]