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Having great leadership is always important to build team engagement, but it plays an even bigger role during a crisis. This may sound straightforward, but especially when you are navigating uncertain times, it can feel challenging.

To help you show true leadership now, three experts in the hospitality, learning and employee development fields share their top tips with you in this article. This can put you in a tricky situation when your hotel has to furlough or let go of team members and you need to manage the situation effectively all while remaining compassionate.

Doing this is a great starting point when you know you might have to prepare your employees for the worst. It allows you to build your team’s trust in communication and your ongoing support. This is the key to keeping up motivation and engagement even during a crisis.

This is true for employees who stay on board and those you’ve had to furlough or put on temporary leave. Connor Vanderholm, Area Director of Revenue Management most recently with Hersha Hospitality Management, outlined how his company stays in touch with staff via emails and text messages to show them they are still a valued part of the team. Handwritten notes were sent to those who had been laid off, a gesture which was much appreciated.

Keeping your team motivated

During a crisis, keeping your team motivated and engaged is more important than ever. You can do this in simple ways like encouraging your team to get involved in what you’re doing to save your business. That way you give them a sense of ownership of the situation and you may even be surprised by the great ideas your staff has.

Projects or initiatives you could launch include community support projects, brainstorming ideas on saving costs and improving operations at your hotel or helping team members find ways to support each other, be it at home or in the workplace.


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