Juhana Tikkanen

Prepare to relaunch your hotel

Pending the opening of borders and therefore of international tourism, the decompartmentalization of regions and the gradual reopening of businesses planned for June 2020 are the two bases on which the operators of accommodation establishments will be able to concentrate their efforts.

As a result, managers will have to develop a plan based on domestic markets and hyper-local clientele: families and friends who will have a strong desire to meet after several weeks of isolation and business trips between and intra-regional could prove to be prime targets for recovery.

For this, create family, meet & greet or reunion packages and think of developing corporate rates for companies whose activities have resumed or will resume in the coming weeks. With all the international business events that have been canceled, it is possible that some companies may wish to meet for a strategic retreat in their community and that they may wish to encourage hotel establishments in their region. Some even suggest privatizing entire premises for establishments that are able to offer this type of option.

It can be strategic for associations to coordinate the recovery with their members to ensure that prices are not pulled down. Positioning the destination and playing as a team, between hoteliers, could prove to be a long-term winner.


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