Juhana Tikkanen

YOU’VE PROBABLY HEARD of ”life coaches” and ”wellness coaches” – individuals who inspire people to shift their behaviors and habits, realize their potential and propel their personal and professional well-being. People often hire life coaches to get advice and guidance on big life decisions.

But before you recruit a professional, there’s a catch: They can be expensive. If you’re contemplating hiring a life coach, you may be wondering whether professional help is worth investing your time and money.

To help you weigh your options and decide for yourself whether guidance from a professional will help you thrive and achieve your long-term goals, consider these factors.

Factor in time and pricing. You have the option of working with a life coach continuously or for a limited number of sessions, depending on your needs and budget. According to the website CostHelper.com, which offers information on pricing for various services and products, consumers spend an average of $75 to $200 per hour for a life coach.

Martin Grohman, a business owner in Portland, Maine, and a state representative, hired two life coaches. ”Particularly with the second one, Emily Chipman, I felt like I got a good result. It was $2,300 for 10 telephone sessions with assignments in between,” Grohman says. ”She coached me on what was standing in my way – mentally – in a decision running for higher office, and now I’m doing it.”

Know what to expect from each session. You can anticipate helpful advice and a sounding board for the ideas you are thinking about executing. And if you think the life coach you work with is smart and intuitive, you may feel you’re getting a lot for your money.


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