Juhana Tikkanen

Few things are more personal—and yet, also universal—than nail polish. Everyone has something that calls to them, whether it be a classic (Topless and Barefoot, Big Apple Red), a color all over Instagram (slime green), or a dark and moody hue (navy, deep wine) that’s as sophisticated as it is cool. More times than not though, it’s easy to find yourself reaching for the same old bottle every time you set foot in a salon. Sure, having a signature is great, but why not branch out? The best place to start: Going with the most popular nail colors of the moment.

Looking to the runways is a great indicator for fresh color inspiration, but if you want to know the top-trending shades right this minute, there’s no better place to look than the salons across the country. We checked out local hot spots from Seattle to Boston, in search of most popular nail colors going into 2020. Take a cue from this list the next time you book an appointment.


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