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Why is it that gel manicures look perfect for weeks on end but the second they hit their expiration date, they look horrendous? You want the polish gone but you’d rather not make the trek down to the salon — and you know that peeling it off will be the death of your nails. The good news is you can remove gel nail polish at home without ruining them.

While you’re preparing for removal, it’s important to keep in mind proper steps should be followed to prevent any harm to your nails.

”There are several things that can happen when gel polish is not removed properly, but the most significant is damage to the nail plate, It’s something that needs patience and care to protect the integrity of the nails.”

Tracylee Percival

For the next step, you’ll need 100% acetone. If you only have a diluted form of acetone — like a remover with acetone and added scent, glycerin or oils for hydration — soak the gels for twice as long. And consider setting a timer for 10 to 15 minutes, or keep a close eye on the clock so you don’t soak your nails too long. Acetone is extremely dehydrating. When the skin isn’t protected, or when soaking too long, this can cause the skin to become dry and nails too brittle.

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