Juhana Tikkanen

In our home, we don’t use antibacterial soap in any form and only use our natural and organic based soap.

I realize this sounds crazy, but we have researched this and our decision is supported by facts and science.

For many, the antibacterial soap that you purchase from the supermarket or pharmacy are too rough on their skin, or their skin doesn’t react well to the chemicals that are found in the soap.

This can cause rashes, irritation, itchiness, and soreness – none of which is pleasant to experience!

Even if you are not experiencing these issues using antibacterial soap, the chemicals that are found in it can cause your skin to become incredibly dry over time.

This leads to the skin cracking, especially in the winter months.

Natural and organic based soap, like ours, is made without these chemicals, and also without any of the pesticides that have been used on the plants in the soap.

It’s a great way to moisturize and clean your skin without any nasty chemicals or unpleasant reactions.


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