Juhana Tikkanen

You’d never let a random stranger on the internet price your house. How much a meal costs depends on so many factors! And, of course, what your neighbor prices her car for has nothing to do with what your car is worth.

We often hear business owners say they can’t afford to do xyz to grow their business because they are only making enough to cover restocking supplies. What a dreadful cycle to be trapped in! A little sleuthing reveals that they have only considered the cost of their supplies (if that) when pricing their handmade soap.

You have to know the real cost of your handmade soap before you even think about setting a price. And that means calculating your cost of materials, your labor costs, and your overhead expenses.

Would you support a business that routinely refused to pay its employees? No. Then why would you put up with anything less from your own company? A sustainable business pays its workers a fair wage. 


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